Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Stop The Moral Decay

~ Peter Phang

Whatever we do when we are a leader especially in the national level, we are a public figure and we shall not and CANNOT do those things that are not ethical and immoral. Pardon from the wife or family members has no significance in this unless the person has resigned from being a public figure then it shall be a family matter entirely. In the government, the Chinese ministers represent you and me and all the Chinese in this land and please go and ask how many are willing to have a leader that are immoral and have illicit affairs?? Where are the family values that supposed to be the cornerstone of these leaders? Even in the Western world, these immoral leaders are not fit to be the leader esp in the national level, remember Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s case? She is unmarried and yet not acceptable by the Western standard in allowing Bill to entitle lesser punishment. As a public figure and leader, one is subjected to public scrutiny and if one thinks this is too much, then leaves your position.

My stand is: as a public figure, once he has committed a serious moral offence, whether we can forgive him or not are our own rights BUT we cannot forget or condone it as if it has never happened.

We as Chinese, if want to be a leader for the community, the values of Confucianism are paramount. The saying goes: Before you lead a country or community, you must ensure good order for your own wellbeing and family before hand(A Chinese proverb). How will the young and children think about this if we ourselves don’t uphold the core family values? Do you think it is ok to sleep around for a national leader and minister? Wouldn’t he or she is subjected to becoming a liability to the country, community or family if he/she is caught? It can well become a national security issue and one is forced to do whatever our enemy wants if the wrongdoing is caught hold of. Do you think this is OK? Like or not, please leave your public position alone and do not taint it or make it a liability for the nation or community if one wants to have a free and easy private life, no one in the public will give it a damn really because we have more important things in life then to become a nosy parker.

As for our 'Big Sister', ie Head of wanita, her comments yesterday were politically driven and self-centred as she is eyeing for the presidency seat and wishes to obtain the support from the group even this means twisting moral values and ignoring blatant sins. Let the MCA delegates especially the wanita to uphold the righteousness for the future of our community and nation and stop the moral decay from worsening and be part of our way of life during their AGM.

All of us have a duty to ensure that moral decay is kept at check if we want to have a good future with good leaders.

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