Monday, 11 August 2008

Message To Ong

~Kean Tean Neo

I have always admire your courage and I like to listen to your articulated speeches whether in English, Bahasa or Mandarin. But lately, I have second opinions about your character.

To err is human, to forgive is divine. Always give our friends or foes the benefit of doubt. I am not a supporter of Chua nor OTK and I am not an MCA member. I am just a Malaysian who is interested in the well-being of the country and her people.

If Chua wants to be president of MCA, let the MCA elected representatives decide. You don't have to talk so much. His wife and family have forgiven him. Why blew the dust?

I want to see someone who is able to lead the country out of the mess. After the general election, nothing has been done. Scandals, corruptions, slanders (on the political front), Barang Naik (BN), racial slurs, robberies and demos are more frequent than before the election. Something is very wrong somewhere. But I can't pin-point it.

What has MCA done? What happened to the post-mortem of the general election? Ong Ka Ting is literally out of the MCA scene.

Best of luck in your MCA President run. Do your utmost best for the people and the rakyat can see. The rakyat has grown to be more mature than you think.

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