Thursday, 7 August 2008

Future Leader Of MCA

Eric Choo Wei Sern
President Of MCA Club United Kingdom (2007/2008)

The March 2008 General Election (GE) has a significant impact on the Malaysian political scene which, amongst others, serves as a wake-up call to the Malaysian leaders. The election results showed the people’s wants for betterment, for leaders who could speak up, and not leaders who follow blindly. In terms of this, Datuk Ong Tee Keat is one of the few Malaysian leaders who could stand up proudly looking at his track records. He has been known for his courage to speak up against the wrongs and stood by the rights. It is thus no wonder why he is loved by the rakyats who endorsed him to be our leader.

Also, it is proven from this GE that the cyberspace is the new way forward where leaders of all backgrounds could either convene messages to the people or receive feedbacks from them. Personal websites and/ or blogs allow leaders to depict the true and accurate situation to the laypersons and serves as a platform for these leaders to know the woes of the rakyats. Despite being in politics for over 20 years, Datuk Ong has not lost his touch with the rakyats. He has lived along, and adapted, with the changes in this sophisticated era by setting up his own website ( where he could utilise these advantages offered by the cyberspace, both for himself and the rakyats.

Moreover, he is a scholar who excels in three of the main languages (Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin) as evident from his speeches and writings. His articulate and erudite delivery makes him a very convincing and admirable leader.

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